Monday, September 19, 2005

Fire Disaster - Vijayawada, India

I received a call from Pastor Daniel in Vijayawada, India early Sunday morning India time. He called to ask us to pray. The area surrounding the RajuNagar church went up in flames with 412 homes and the church burned out completely. Pastor John Prasad (Daniel's brother) leads this congregation. Over 600 people died in the fire including 22 children. Only two church members died in the fire but 13 church familes lost their homes. Pastor Daniel's main church is in walking distance from RajuNagar. He planned to have only a 30 minute worship and prayer service Sunday morning and then everyone would walk over to help the people in RajuNagar. In the photo you see families and friends who have come to mourn with them as they survey the damage and remember loved ones lost in the fire.

Please pray for these poor families who will have no home, no clothing, no shelter..... About 2 years ago there was a fire that destroyed 100 homes in another neighborhood. The government came in to help people by giving each family 2 cooking pots, 1 plate per person and a bag of rice. That was all.

We may think FEMA didn't do their job very well, but our displaced families will have much in comparison. So please pray and if you feel led you may also donate to help the affected families through Full Circle Ministries Int'l. You may send a check or donate online at our new web site (still in progress). (The donation currently will come through Sunshine Valley Ranch to Full Circle. Please designate it for FCMI - fire. We'll soon complete the PayPal process to bring the donations in directly to Full Circle so it will be less confusing for donors. )

BTW Sandi Beckoe of LadySword Productions (and Sunshine Valley Ranch), is doing a wonderful job creating our website. She has pulled info from our previous newsletters, photos, and gleaned info from conversations with me and put together the basics. I need to go in and update some of the articles and we could use some help getting pictures uploaded to the site. It isn't difficult, just time consuming. Let me know if you might be interested in helping. It is fun to see the site grow.
Love in Jesus,


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