Thursday, September 29, 2005

Vijayawada floodwaters receding

About 60% of Vijayawada was flooded. Thankfully it is surrounded by mountains and homes and streets built on the mountainsides did not sit in standing water.

The waters are filled with dead animals and live cobras from the farmlands that were flooded upriver.

Streets in Vijayawada looked much like pictures of Venice, but without the gondolas. People walked and pushed carts where they were able to reach dry areas where they could buy food and other necessities if they had money.
Homes like this one on the left

Please pray for these families whose homes are not liveable right now and especially for those whose homes cannot be repaired. Also please pray against the spread of disease and mold. Many will not be able to purchase bleach and cleaning supplies to disinfect their homes as they return to them.

Also the likelihood of the spread of waterborne diseases is greatly increased. The donations we have received have already arrived in Vijayawada and are in the process of being used to help these families, especially those who were hit first with fire and then with the flood. We are also grateful for the thoughtful $25 donation to help our preschools at this time.

You may donate easily online at our website: . FCMI is a tax deductable ministry.

Checks or cash are also welcome at our Madison office: Full Circle Ministries Int'l, 1603 Monroe St., Suite B-One, Madison, WI 53711. If you have questions or want more information please feel free to contact us by email by clicking on the envelope icon below.

Thank you so much for your prayers. Prayer changes things!

Pray and keep on praying!


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