Monday, January 09, 2006

Turn of the compass

Usually this time of year I'm busy getting ready to head for India and our work there in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This year the Lord has other plans. He's keeping me here at home. I broke the news to Pastor Daniel in his phone call from India yesterday. He asked that I pray for the church, the women especially, since they were very disappointed and cried when I was not able to come in September-Oct. of 2005. We set the trip back to Jan. - Feb. of 2006 waiting on the Lord for direction.

December 15th was the deciding point and the lack of funds for plane fare was one of the clear indicators that the Lord was not sending me to India with a team in January. Other indicators that the Lord brought to mind were things that He had spoken to me much earlier while I was in India at this time last year. One I had forgotten, probably mostly because I had questioned whether I was hearing correctly, but now He brought to mind the words "You won't be going back for 2 years". The other was His direction that Pastor Daniel needs to visit us in the USA before we return to India again. This has not happened. So now we are tentatively planning and hoping that the Lord will provide for Pastor Daniel to visit us here in Sept. of 2006 (and maybe Esther too?).


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