Monday, January 09, 2006

A shoulder to cry on

Roger, formerly one of our outreach friends from State Street, now our Day Center manager, shared a touching experience with me one morning in November. He volunteers with Pro Labore Dei serving a meal and passing out sandwiches on Fridays and Saturdays. He took a box of hats, gloves and scarves donated here for the homeless to pass on to those in need. He noticed that one of the young women who came up for a hot meal in Peace Park had no gloves, hat or scarf. He sorted through the box to find the ones he thought she would like the best and took them over and offered them to her.

She was amazed and questioned, "Are those really for me?"

Roger held them out and answered, "Yes, I thought you might like this color."

"But why would you give them to me?" she protested.

Roger answered, "Because Jesus loves you."

Tears spilled out of her eyes and Roger gave her a fatherly shoulder to cry on, his own eyes now filled with tears too. He came away with his sleeve all wet and his heart full.

How wonderful it is to see those Jesus has touched and set free, now touching others and beginning the process in their lives.


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