Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Opportunities to serve

My name is Rhonda. I have had opportunities to serve FCMI by taking care of mailings and keeping the office open during the winter months so some of the street people can have a warm place to socialize for a bit.

Well on July 21 Sherry hosted a party for Curtis' birthday. I was there all evening. Later on in the evening a lady named Colleen stopped by with her dog, a boxer named Buster. He was a sweet dog. He enjoyed the attention people were giving. It turns out that Colleen was kicked out of her brother's house and didn't have anywhere to stay that evening. (I don't know much about her story, but Sherry has befriended her through some hard experiences.)

Sherry, Colleen and I were the last ones there. Sherry asked if Buster was ok around cats. I decided that it would be ok if Colleen spent the night on my couch. Buster didn't have to be around Sherry's cat at my house. He slept on the floor next to Colleen on the couch. He seemed very loyal. I informed my sleepy housemate Julie not to be surprised that there was a large dog in the living room!

Since I lived in Sherry's apartment complex, the next morning Colleen and Buster went over to Sherry's. Misty the cat seemed concerned about Buster! They stared at each other for a bit and then Buster thought he was going to chase Misty. Colleen pulled on Buster's leash, but Misty ran upstairs just in case!

A few days later Sherry told me a bit more of Colleen's story. She's now staying at the Salvation Army shelter and Buster has a temporary home with a couple other boxer dogs at Laura's daughter's house! Colleen is definitely a person to pray for. Her circumstances are hard, but I know that God will work things out. I am glad that I was able to serve in a small way.