Saturday, February 11, 2006

Simple Pleasures

Volunteering weekly at FCMI often reminds me of the simple pleasures in life. I find myself pretty busy these days with two jobs. I am glad when I get time to relax. My volunteer time at the FCMI office is often relaxing.

Roger, the office manager, is quite a good "finder." He finds many, many useful things for the office. He is also a good tinker. He found the hardware for a sliding keyboard tray. On Wednesday I watched him attach it to the underside of a table and then disassemble it because it hung too low for his liking. He and another volunteer named John took the bottom hardware off two office chairs and swapped them. That way the nice leather office chair would have more stable legs and wheels. It is obvious that Roger loves taking things apart and putting them together.

Roger's computer is also a find of sorts. He helped a lady with some handiwork around her house and she paid him with a nice computer. I enjoyed listening to Roger describe how Sherry's son installed WinAmp, an online audio player program, on his computer. Roger asked her son if there was some way that he could listen to music on the computer while he is working on emails or reading the news. Her son answered yes.

Roger described Sherry's son as going to this spot and that spot online, clicking here and there and then all of a sudden he had WinAmp downloaded! Roger illustrated by wiggling his fingers like he was typing and moving his hand around like he was using a mouse. I am sure Roger is quite pleased with being able to listen to his favorite music from the 60s and 70s while online!

Sometimes I take things like online music and my computer for granted. It's good to be reminded of the simple pleasures in life! - Rhonda