Friday, October 12, 2007

Roger is on his way!!

Roger made the transition last Wednesday to Mt. Zion House, a Christian drug and alcohol treatment center for men, in Lake Geneva, WI. We had good weather for the drive over and a warm welcome from Pastor John LaGalbo who leads that ministry.

Roger made the decision to take the time he needed to get himself well and break free of the pull from alcohol and cigarettes. This is no easy feat quitting both at once. Please keep him in your prayers.

He would love to hear from you and words of encouragement and your prayers and just daily news and life would be good boosters for him as he goes through this process, especially this first month when he cannot have visitors or make phone calls.

His address is:
Roger Jorgensen
c/o Mt. Zion House
2330 Hwy. 120
Lake Geneva, WI 53147

He'll be involved in a wonderful program that includes daily Bible Study and prayer times, group classes and meals and work around the Campus and church complex. After the first month he'll also begin working a job in the community. The program is a 26 week commitment.

If you'd like to see pictures of the place (It's beautiful) and look at the daily schedule and program info just go to:

After the first month we can visit on a Sunday afternoon, so maybe several of you will want to carpool with me for a visit then.

We're missing Roger here but we're with him all the way as he's getting ready for this next level of ministry and spiritual warfare that is ahead for Full Circle Ministries Intl.

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