Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Follow the directions !

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Pass or Fail?
Did you ever have one of those tests where the instructions tell you to read the entire test before you begin? Yeah, one of those trick tests just to see if you'll follow directions --- because at the end of the test it reads: disregard all previous questions, put your name and date at the top of the page and bring it to the front desk. If you began answering the questions you failed. A winning paper was one with no work on it, just name and date and that's all. Piece of cake.

Well, I feel like I just got caught not following the directions on one of those tests.

I have been busy getting the office ready with much help from Roger who returned to Madison in answer to prayer! I have been preparing for our trip to India in October, helping on the Impact World Tour Steering Committee, participating in an internship program with the Madison House of Prayer, reaching out to the homeless at Peace Park on Tuesday evenings, serving as payee for one gentleman on disability who cannot handle his own money, practicing for and serving on worship teams and still waiting on the Lord for direction.

A bit discouraged that I was not hearing more specifics from the Lord I asked Him if there was anything that stood in the way of my hearing, if I was disobedient in anything. He promptly reminded me, “I told you to rest”.

But, but, but....how can we be ready to go to India in October if I just rest until September? We need to have 250 prayer supporters, funds for flights, food and transportation in India, projects and programs while there ($2,500 x 4 or 5 people), arrangements to be made with 4-5 different pastors in different cities and that doesn't include the local ministry work here not yet completed. I get overwhelmed just thinking about it --- which is probably why I really need to REST and let God do the work without me for now.

The Lord had told me to rest for 6 months. My husband and others thought six months was too long, so I questioned whether I was hearing right. It is so easy to get sidetracked by others opinions, incuding my own. I must admit I was worried that the ministry could not continue, that it would fall apart, if I didn't get some things done and preparations made.

Now, with My Father's reprimand, I'm ready just to trust the Him with it. If it dies, it dies and that is His business. If it lives, it will live by His will and His doing.

So, tonight I will miss being on State Street with all of our homeless friends and the young YWAM missionaries, and my friends Laura, and Lynn, and Curtis and Harriet. We've been sharing Jesus love on Tuesday nights there for over five years now. It seems strange to stay home on a Tuesday evening. Perhaps I'll curl up on the couch with one of those books I've been wanting to read or maybe I'll just go for a walk. Luxuries I've not taken much time for these last 4 years.

To all of my State Street Circle buddies, please know that I miss you tonight.

Love in Jesus,


Angels on Assignment?

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Just have to share with you the joy I have in the answer to one of my prayers!

I've been feeling a bit discouraged that things weren't coming together for getting the remodeling and painting done in our new office location so that I could actually unpack my office and begin to use it. I've been working out of cardboard boxes and toting files and papers back and forth to home since I returned from India in March. It's getting old and it is also getting difficult to find my kitchen table. :)

Richard, one of our Native American friends and a skilled craftsman, had planned to help. Somehow we missed connections and then I heard that his illness kicked up again (a strange lung infection from down south) and we weren't in contact. I began to pray asking for the Lord to bring in the help needed for finishing the office.

I found myself wishing that Roger was here. He went to Florida last winter to help with fixing up homes and trailers damaged by last year's hurricanes. He wanted to volunteer his services especially to the poor and elderly. I didn't want to be selfish, but I knew if Roger were here that things would get done. He just has a way of stepping in to do what's needed and gathering in others to help. We've also really missed his help and encouragement with our State Street outreach. I began to pray, "Lord, if you don't need Roger in Florida right now, would you please send him back up here to us?"

Lo and behold....Roger arrived the next week! He had heard the silent call for Help through that "still small voice".

Habitat for Humanity donated a door in the frame and some 2x4's for the remodeling and now we're on our way with the makeover of our office.

Yesterday I left the office with things moved and scattered all over the place. Roger and John had finished installing the new door, patching the ceiling in my office and painting some walls and a file cabinet. We had done just enough to really make a mess with all the clutter.

Today I stayed home and worked at the computer, since the office is not yet connected to the internet. About 4:00pm I made a quick trip to the office to deliver some business cards for Roger (Lord, please bless him with the work he needs). I walked in the door to to find a wonderful surprise!

Roger, and probably John too, had been in to finish hanging a wallpaper border and they had picked up all the mess, cleaned up, arranged furniture, made my desk ready and left the office in beautiful shape, very inviting. Wow, what a wonderful surprise! Thank you, Lord, for your blessings!

These brothers in Jesus don't have much in this world, like Jesus, not even a place to lay their heads, but they sure are storing up treasure in heaven. My life is richer for knowing them.

Have you ever wondered if some of those "homeless bums" you've seen (or maybe not seen because you looked right past them) might just be angels in disguise? Just thinking....

Top: Roger laying carpet in the doorway where he installed our new door.
Bottom: John working in the midst of the clutter in our new offices.