Sunday, July 30, 2006


I get asked alot by the people that we serve, Richard what do you do at FCMI? Well, I'm doing what the Lord wants me to do! Having been in the same situation that the people that we serve,the homeless, hungry and lonely, I truly feel with them. A few years back, I heard about this group that served a free meal on Tuesday evening at Peace Park. All that was asked was, are you hungry you will be fed. The people that served had a smile and a brightness around them. A real joy in doing this. Well I found something, something that I have fought with the Lord for along time, and you know that he always wins! I've been with FCMI for a couple of years now, and seeing the power of the Lord at work is a very humbling experience.Whether it is getting a person a pair of pants or sitting down and just listening to them, giving encouragement or using me as a sounding board, is a great feeling! So Why? I believe that this is finally where the Lord wants me to be, doing what needs to be done .


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